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About Sarandipity Soap Co.


All Sarandipity products contain 100% natural ingredients and are made by hand, in small batches with love and care. 

I have been passionate about making soap for some time and started soap making using melt and pour soap bases. It wasn't long before I wanted to make soap from scratch and quickly became addicted to the magic of the saponification process. I started making soap as a hobby after taking a local course but it soon became apparent that I wanted to make more soap than I could possibly use in our household or give away to friends and family and so Sarandipity Soap Co was born.

I am dedicated to using only 100% natural and sustainably acquired ingredients in my soaps and other products. This means that all of my products are made with essential oils for fragrance, natural colorants and sustainably sourced oils. My commitment to natural products means my products will love you as much as you love them.

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