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These body butters are made from a rich blend of skin nourishing butters and oils which are whipped together to form a soft and smooth body butter. This body butter is formulated to absorb into the skin quickly and easily leaving even the driest of skin hydrated, nourished and soft. The body butter produces a deeply moisturizing and nourishing lotion.

The whipped body butter comes in a range of essential oil blends

Net Wt 2.5oz


Lavender & Lemongrass – This relaxing fresh blend combines the relaxing aroma of lavender essential oil with the clean and fresh aroma of lavender essential oil to produce this classic fragrance combination.


Fruit and Nut – This rich fragrance combination combines the deep earthy tones of kin loving Almond essential oils with the fresh cleansing citrus aroma of grapefruit essential oil.


Fruity Frankincense – This earthy blend combines the deep earthy tones of Frankincense essential oil with the lighter fruity citrus tones of grapefruit essential oils for an uplifting skin loving essential oil combination.


Spicy Orange – This sweet and fruity combination uses a base of sweet rich and calming notes of orange essential oil which the spicy citrus tones of bergamot essential oils. This is a great cleansing and calming blend.


Body Butters should be kept below 80F to remain whipped.

Whipped Body Butter

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